Best practices for using "Members" and "Contacts".

Separate your audience:

First, you can separate your different contacts depending on your group activity:

  • Members.
  • Students interested in receiving newsletters.
  • Students interested in taking part of the group's management.
  • Potential members.
  • Potential speakers.
  • Potential sponsors.
  • Advisors: Campus staff, etc.
  • Event partners: suppliers, rentals, etc.

Once you have done this, you can create related Tags.

Situations in which you can collect/save prospects' emails:

Prospects are people who have expressed an interest in your group and are also identified by the following situations:

  • People signing up for an event, without being a member;
  • Students expressing interest in attending a group presentation, whose emails you have collected and uploaded into CampusGroups even though they have not joined the group yet;
  • Students having registered to your group but not (yet) paid membership (may not be the case when membership dues = $0);
  • Former members with expired membership, whether they plan to renew or not.
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