1. Log in to CampusGroups.
   2. Manage your group.
   3. Click on "Dashboard" and then on "Settings" in the left-side menu.

   4. On this page, you can change the various settings for your group which include:

  • Basic Information: Group name, Group type, Categories, Logo, Group Acronym, Mission, Membership Benefits, Goals, Constitution, Publish, Hide from groups list, Close membership, Deactivate group page.
  • Address: Group email, Address, Zip Code, City, State, Country, Phone, Website.
  • Access & Privacy: Signup instructions, Signup secret word, Auto validation, Auto validate users with the following account types, Email restriction, Members cannot leave, Parent group, Parent group restriction, Ask for more details, Members can see each other, Membership should be private.
  • Membership: Send a membership expiration notification, How many days before the expiration, Membership privacy, Membership default duration, Membership Options.
  • Payments: Turn off money module, School accounting number, Use school's central campusgroups account, Payment by check, Refund request message.
  • Social Networks: Facebook, Facebook Group Id, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Flickr, Discord.
  • More: Group cover photo, Automatic welcome message, Forum name, Hide private forum content, Default cc, Default bcc, Email subject prefix, Feed post notifications, Feed digest email subject, Feed digest email intro, Default event privacy, Default job privacy, Automatically add members as attendees, Check-In method for the Kiosk, Member custom field instructions.

5. Click "Save" once you are done with the changes. They will be applied immediately.

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