The Kiosk allows users to check-in on their own by swiping their Student ID card or typing their name. 

  1. Log in on CampusGroups. 
  2. Manage your group.
  3. Click on "Events" on your left-side menu.

   4. Manage your Event by clicking on the "Gear" icon on the right.

   5. Click on the "Track Attendance" button on the top-right corner of the page.

   6. Click on "Kiosk".

   7. A window will open with the link of the page to which it redirects, and you will also be able to access the Kiosk's settings.

   8. Click on "Open Kiosk" to be redirected to the Kiosk's page. 

From there people can check in by swiping their Student ID card or typing their name and email depending on what has been chosen is the settings.

   9. If the student ID card swiping does not work or if the person is not a student, it is also possible to check in manually by clicking on "Cannot find my account?".

   10. To access the Kiosk's settings, go back to the "Attendance Tracking" page and click on "Settings".

Or go back to the Kiosk's pop-up window and click on "Kiosk Settings".

   11. A new window will open. 

To learn about the general Attendance Tracking Settings, go to this tutorial

The Kiosk feature has dedicated Settings. From this page you can choose the way people will be able to check in (swiping ID cards, entering name and email...) or if the QR Code should be displayed.

   12. Click on "Save" when you are done.

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