1. Log in to CampusGroups.
  2. Manage your group.
  3. Click on “More” and then on "Inventory" on the left-side menu.

   4. You will be able to view the group's inventory. To add new items to it, click on the "Create" button on the right.

   5. Fill-in all the mandatory fields of the pop-up window and click on "Save" when you are done.

Note that the "Reminder" at the end of the form allows you to automatically remind the borrower to return the item before the check-in. Set the date on which the reminder will be sent by choosing the number of "days before" the check in date. 

   6. Once an item has been added to the inventory, it is possible to check it out by clicking on the "Check out" button on the right of the item.

A pop-up window will appear to ask for information about the person taking the item and the expected return date. Click on "Save" when you are done.

Note that it is also possible to assign a check out to a group.

   7. To return a checked out item, click on the "Check in" button that replaced the "check out" button.

A pop-up window will open. Rate the item from 1 to 5 and click on "Save" when you are done.

   8. For all items, it is possible to view its history by clicking on the "Clock" button on the right.

You will access all the information regarding each time the item has been borrowed.

   9. If an item has been damaged or repaired, you can also change its state by editing it. To do so, click on the drop down menu on the right of the item and then click on "Edit".

A pop-up window will open. Go to Equipment Status and choose a new status from the drop-down list.

If an item's status is set to "Inactive", it will not be available for check out anymore.

   10. It is possible to do multiple check outs at the same time by clicking items' checkboxes, then clicking on the page drop-down menu and finally on "Check Out".

   11. Sending emails to borrowers is also a feature of the Inventory module: Select the items by clicking on their checkboxes. Click on "Send Email" on the top of the page.

Note that if you select an item that has not been checked out, it will not be included in the email.

   12. The Inventory feature also allows you to check-in/out items through QR Codes.
To access an item's QR Code, click on its "More" button and then on "Print QR Code"

It will start the download of the item's QR Code.

Scanning an item QR Code with the mobile App QR code scanner will redirect you to the check-in/out page of the item.

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