It is possible to define different Time Slots for an event that occurs on multiple time frames and has a limited number of slots for each frame. 

  1. Create an Event. 

To learn how to create an Event, please follow this tutorial.

  1. Scroll down to the 8th section: "Advanced Options" and click on "Add more questions / timeslots".

   3. Scroll down the question list and click on the "Add Question" button.

   4. Give a name to your question and make sure to set the "Question type" drop-down to "Timeslots". Click on "Submit" when you are done.

   5. A new question should have appeared at the end of the questions list with the "Timeslots" type. Click on the "Manage Timeslots" button.

   6. A pop-up window will open, click on "Add a New Time Slot".

   7. Fill in all the required fields and set "Active" to "Yes". Click on "Save" when you are done.

   8. You can create as many Time Slots as you want. Go back to the Event and save it when you are done.

   9. When registering to the event, users will be able to choose between the different Time Slots.
The screenshot below is the Registration's Confirmation Page:

   10. Chosen Time Slots will be visible on the Event Attendees list when managing the Event.

   11. It is also possible to change an attendee's time slot by clicking on it. A drop-down list will appear. Select the appropriate time slot.

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