Officers can ask students who registered or checked-in to an event to send feedback or ratings for the event.

I - Activate Feedback feature

  1. Edit/Create an event. 

To learn how to create an event, please follow this tutorial.

  1. Scroll down to "7. Registration Options" and click on "Feedback request".

   3. Make sure to check the "Send a feedback request one day after the event" option.

You can choose to whom the Feedback request will be sent - either every registered student or only attendees that have checked in.

It is also possible to attach a form to the request. Add it from the "Form/survey" dropdown list.

Finally you can customize the content of the Feedback request email with the "Custom content" textbox.

"Save" your event when you are done.

II - View the results of the Event Feedback and Ratings

You should be able to access the Feedback when managing your event, under the list of attendees.
Under each attendee's picture, you should see a "Rating & Feedback" section for the person who submitted feedback.

Alternatively, you can generate a report on the attendees' list to download them.

  1. Manage the event.
  2. Click on the "Download Attendees List" button.

   3. Click on the "Show all fields" link.

   4. Check the "Attendee's Rating" and "Attendee's Feedback" checkboxes and click on "Download".

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