Pulling events from 25Live into CampusGroups

CampusGroups can pull events from 25Live using the ICS calendar feeds that 25Live provides. 

The platform supports two type of ICS feed imports:

  • The ICS feed is imported into one specific group in which case you need to select the group beforehand
  • The ICS feed contains events meant to be imported into multiple groups in which case one of the attributes in the ICS feed must identify the group and a mapping of group identifier to CampusGroups groups must be provided to us (we will send you an excel to complete in this case)

In addition you may decide on a per feed basis whether the imported events should allow registration on CampusGroups or not. Finally we require an Event Type to be selected for each ICS feed. This Event Type can be selected from the list which can be customized by the platform administrators under Admin (the Key icon) > Settings > Custom Values (Lookup).

To get started please feel free to reach out to us at support@campusgroups.com with your ICS links and the desired configuration.

Pushing events from CampusGroups into 25Live (Work in progress)

CampusGroups can push the events created in the platform into 25Live. This can also be used to let officers book rooms in 25Live directly from CampusGroups.

To get started please contact us at support@campusgroups.com with the following information:

  • 25Live API url (usually similar to https://webservices.collegenet.com/r25ws/wrd/schoolname/run/
  • 25Live API user
  • 25Live API password
  • 25Live Event Type (we will be getting the id through the API but need to know which one to use from the Event Type hierarchy)
  • 25Live Event Folder (we will be getting the id through the API but need to know which one to use from the Cabinet/Folder/Events hierarchy)

You may need to contact 25Live for some of this information.

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