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Track event attendance

Track event attendance to check in users at your event

Written by Louis Cameron
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Live attendance data is collected and uploaded to your CampusGroups account, allowing you to maintain attendance records, control event access, measure interest and ROI, boost users engagement and monitor campus activity. View, monitor, analyze and access reports on your data in real-time, at any time. Transform your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device into a portable attendance tracking tool.

  • Log in on CampusGroups.

  • Manage your group

  • Click on Events

  • Click the Manage button on the appropriate event

The Manage Event page allows you to directly check in attendees.

  • Scroll down to the attendee list

  • Click on Check-In

    Note: You can also cancel the Check-In from this view by clicking on the X icon

  To set up additional, more elaborate attendance tracking options: 

  • Click on Track Attendance

From there, you can track attendance in four different ways:   

  • Manual tracking with a computer

  • Self Check-In with a QR Code

  • Self Check-In with a Kiosk

  • Manual Check-In with a Smartphone/Tablet

I - Manual tracking with a computer

  • Click on Track Attendance with a Computer

  • Enable/disable RSVP'ed at the door or activate Multiple Check-Ins

  • There are two ways to check in attendees with a computer:

  • a) Search for the student with the search bar an click on the user's name

  • The user has been checked in

  • b) Plug in your USB Card Reader and start swiping student ID cards.

Please contact if you wish to register Student ID Cards.

II - Self check-in with a QR Code

  • Click on Self Check-In QR Code

You will then access the event's flyer with the event's QR Code.

  • Make sure the Activate checkbox of the Self Check-In is checked.

    Note: It is possible to have the QR Code refreshed every 30 seconds by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. 

III - Self check-in in a Kiosk

Please see the dedicated tutorial on How to use Kiosk to track Attendance.

IV - Manual check-in with a smartphone or a tablet

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