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How to create a web page in HTML
How to create a web page in HTML
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  1. Log in to CampusGroups.

  2. Manage your group.

  3. Click on the "Website" Tab (in the manage toolbar).

  4.  Click on the "Edit" button next to the web page that you would like to modify.

  5. Now you are in "Editing Mode". Let's write some basic content: Headers, Paragraphs and Lists.

  6.  Presently, it is now all black and white, without colors or styles. Open the HTML Editor (by clicking on the button displayed below).

 7. Add the text below, for instance:  

 8. Now click on the "Update/Insert" button and you will see the results below:


9. It looks better and more colorful. Now, let's see how to add some extra formatting.  For example, let's write the following paragraph: "This text is inside a box!".

10. Then, click again on the HTML Edition button. You can see that this new line is at the end of the code. Let's "frame" it with some HTML Code (as we did earlier with all the text, but this time only with the paragraph):  

 before, and  

  after the Text:

11. Click on "Update/Insert" and you will see the result instantly again:


Tip: You can edit your own CSS class for your website. If a class is specific to a particular page, you can add it in this HTML Editor by writing at the top of the Window.

Or, if you want the class to be common for all your Webpages:

From the Manage Tool Bar, click on the Website tab and then on "Web site". Choose the "Options" Tab. Click on Edit CSS. In the new Window that pops up, enter the class you need. 

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