How to add attendees to your event
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  1. Log in to CampusGroups

  2. Manage your group

  3. Click on Events

   4. Manage your event by clicking on the Gear icon

   5. Click on the Add or Invite Attendees button under the Attendees section

   6. Set the Action field to Add Attendees
 7.  Add the names of people you wish to add to this event
   8. Select your Registration Option
 9. Select the Quantity of tickets
   10. Click Add

You can use the Advanced Add or Invite Attendees options for additional options.

   1. Select Advanced Add or Invite Attendees

   2. Determine your audience with the Select Existing Members section.

This is an easy way to add several members based on their student type, year of graduation, member and/or user tags all at once.

To search and add existing or new members:
   3a. Search and add the name or email address


   3b. Paste a list of email addresses

You also have the option to add people with or without a CampusGroups account.

   4a. Click the Add new contacts to the group button
   4b. Add the contact's information
   4c. Click the Add new contacts button

Please contact with any questions.

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