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How to publish CampusGroups content on another (non-CampusGroups) website
How to publish CampusGroups content on another (non-CampusGroups) website
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CampusGroups allows you to publish a great deal of your group's information automatically onto your website when your web pages are hosted by CampusGroups.

If your website is hosted outside of CampusGroups, you have to use RSS feeds and some PHP/ASP code to display:

  • Calendar of events.

  • List of future or past events.

  • List of officers.

  • List of newsletters.

  • List of surveys and polls.

  • List of useful links.

  • List of news articles.

  1. Manage your group.

  2.  Click on the "Website" tab (in the manage toolbar).

  3.  Click on "Widget" (in the website menu). You will find the RSS Feeds next to each CONTENT tag.

To keep the exact same look and feel as your current web site, and the URL as well, copy the HTML Header & Footer of your web site into CampusGroups in "Advanced Header and Footer HTML Design" at the bottom of the page.

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