You have two ways to send web users to your new CampusGroups website when your existing URL (e.g. is used:

  1. Via redirection: meaning that you have to redirect visitors of to your new CampusGroups URL. This can be done with some HTML on your existing Web Site Home Page following this format:

  2. Via Domain Name Settings: go to your Domain Name Provider for (,, etc.) and point the CNAME to: (where "SCHOOL" is your School Name).

GoDaddy.Com instructions:

  1. Access your Registrar Account (the site from which you bought your domain name) and point to our IP Address:

- Log on GoDaddy.
- Click on Domains.
- Click on your Domain Name.
- Click on "Manage" next to forwarding on the left.
- Select "Park".
- Click "Okay", then refresh the page until you see Total DNS Settings.
- Click on "DNS Manager".
- Edit the CNAME called "@".
- Enter the CampusGroups CNAME for your school:, and click "OK".
- Email us at support(at) to let us know that you pointed your domain to us.
- You are done. Changes should propagate within an hour.

2. Send us an email at support(at) with:
  - your School and Club Name,
  - your Domain Name (ex:

3. Allow up to 48 Hours before your Domain points to your CampusGroups Web Site.

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