Even if your group has a domain name, you may like to use the CampusGroups website manager to manage your website.

  1. Access your registrar account (the site from where you bought your domain name) and point to our IP address:

- Log in to GoDaddy.
- Click on Domains.
- Click on your domain name.
- Click on "Manage" next to Forwarding on the left.
- Select "Park".
- Click "Okay", then refresh the page until you see Total DNS Settings.
- Click on "Total DNS Control".
- Add a CNAME called "@".
- Enter the CampusGroups domain name for your school: SCHOOL.campusgroups.com and click on "OK".
- Email us at support@campusgroups.com to let us know that you pointed your domain to us.
- Changes should propagate within an hour.

2. Send us an email at support@campusgroups.com with:

- Your school and club name.
- Your Domain Name (ex: www.yourclub.com).

3. Allow us up to 48 hours before your domain points to your CampusGroups website.

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