CampusGroups allows you to upload documents and share them with your group. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to CampusGroups

  2. Manage your group

  3. Select Files then Upload

   4. Select a file, click on Upload files and/or you can drag and drop file(s) into the box

   5. To upload directly into a folder select the appropriate folder from the dropdown

   6. Once a document has been uploaded, select the More icon and select the action:

  • Move a file to a folder

  • Download the file

  • Rename the file

  • Delete the file

  7. From the Files page click the Menu icon on a folder to:

  • Change the privacy settings of the folder (This can be used to share the files that are within the folder)

  • Download the folder as a .zip

  • Rename the folder

  • Delete the folder

Please contact with any questions.

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