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Uploading and Emailing Contacts (Non-Members)
Uploading and Emailing Contacts (Non-Members)

How to upload and email contacts (non-members) as an officer

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You may have a long list of users that you would like to email (e.g., First years who would not have joined the club (yet), potential partners)

You have to add these people as contacts instead of members:

  • Manage your group.

  • Click on the Members

  • Click on Upload Users

    navigating to upload members
  • Follow instructions on how to upload lists of contacts with Excel

    instructions on how to download MS Excel contacts file

  • Make sure you enter "0" in the member column so that all uploaded students will be added as contacts and not members

  • Add a tag in the tag column (this will allow you to retrieve the contacts you
     have uploaded)

    members upload excel file
  • After uploading your new Contacts you will need to go to Emails, Compose Email and select Contacts as your recipients

    selecting your Contacts as recipients

Note: If some of the students you are uploading are already part of your club, they will not be duplicated and they will not be tagged either.

Please contact with any questions.

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