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Uploading Speakers to an Event Hub
Uploading Speakers to an Event Hub

How to upload Speakers to an Event Hub

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You can upload multiple Speakers to an Event Hub at one time by using our Excel upload template.

  • Manage your Group

  • Click on More Tools and then Hubs

  • Manage your Event Hub

Screenshot showing how to manage an event hub
  • Click the Dashboard menu and then click on Speakers

Screenshot showing a user can click on Dashboard to find the Speakers menu
  • Click the Upload Speakers button

Screenshot showing where the Upload Speakers button is located
  • Click the cg_speakers link to download the Excel file and follow the guidelines on the screen, also included in the screenshot below

  • To upload the completed Excel file, click on Choose File, select the file name, and click Upload

Screeshot showing where to download cg_speakers excel file, and where to upload complete file

Please contact with any questions.

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