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Adding Speakers to Event Hub Sessions
Adding Speakers to Event Hub Sessions

How to add Speakers to Sessions in the Agenda in an Event Hub

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Event coordinators can connect Speakers to corresponding Sessions within an event agenda. This allows event attendees to see who will be speaking at each session.

  • Manage your Group

  • Click on More Tools and then Hubs

  • Manage your Event Hub

A screenshot of a Group's page showing how a user can access Event Hubs and how they can manage a hub.
  • Click on the Edit icon next to the Agenda feature

  • Click on Manage Sessions

A screenshot showing where a user can manage sessions.
  • Click on the Speakers icon next to a Session

A screenshot showing the Speaker button next to a session.
  • Click on the Add to Event checkbox next to the speaker(s) who should be added to the session

A screenshot highlighting Add to Event checkbox.

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