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Sending an Automatic Chat Message
Sending an Automatic Chat Message

How to send an automatic message in your Event Hub

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Event coordinators can send automatic chat messages within an Event Hub to welcome new users and attendees to an event.

  • Manage your Group

  • Click on More Tools and then Hubs

  • Manage your Event Hub

A screenshot of a Group's page showing how a user can access Event Hubs and how they can manage a hub.
  • Drag the Chat feature to your Hub Menu and click the Edit icon

    A screenshot of the Edit page for the Chat feature showing where a user can click to manage auto-chat messages.
  • Click the Manage Auto-Chat Messages button

  • Click Create Auto Message to write a message that will be sent to all new users when they open the Event Hub

A screenshot showing where a user can click to create a new auto message.

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