Anchors enable you to link content within an email. For example, you may want to add Anchors at the beginning of each section of a long email with many sections. In addition, you can create an index on top of that email that will link to all those Anchors. This will enable readers to go directly to the content of their interest without having to scroll down until they find that content.

Simply follow these steps to create an anchor on CampusGroups:

  1. Log in to CampusGroups

  2. Manage your group

  3. Select Emails then Sent

   4. Select Compose Email

   5. Compose an email using the new email builder
   6. Continue to the Design step

   7. Once you finish designing your email, find a section that you wish to add an anchor. Hover over the item then select the Anchor icon in the top right-side.

   8. Type the name for your anchor in the text box.
   9. Click OK

   10. Create as many anchors as you wish to organize your email
   11. Once you are satisfied, drag the Table of Contents element from the right-side element bank into the email.

   12. In the right-side, click on Select Content Areas...

 13. Select the anchors that will be displayed in the Table Of Contents by clicking on the checkboxes
 14. Once finished, select Insert Selected Anchors

 15. Configure the Table Of Contents to your liking and click Save to finish

   16. The Table Of Contents element will appear as you configured

Note: A common mistake is trying to link an anchor that doesn't exist. First create the anchor and then the link to it; otherwise, its name will not appear in the list of available anchors.

Please contact with any questions.

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