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Checking in Event Attendees with the Android App
Checking in Event Attendees with the Android App

How to check-in event attendees using the Android app

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There are two different ways event attendees can be checked in via the mobile application. This article will explain these options within the Android app.

    • If your campus has a dedicated mobile app, you can search for that and download it on the Google Play Store

  • Log in to to the mobile app

  • Click the Events button to find and select the event for which you would like to check-in attendees

    Screenshot of the Event listing in the mobile app

  • Click the More icon in the upper right, and then select Check In Attendees

    Screenshot showing the More icon with three dots in upper right corner
    Screenshot showing the Check In Attendees menu option

  • Users can be checked in using 2 different methods:

    • Manual check-in

      • To use the Manual check-in method, you can scroll through the list of attendees, or use the Search box to type in their name, and click the check mark button to mark them as checked in

        Screenshot showing where to select the Manual check-in option and how to search for an attendee

    • QR Code Scanner

      • To use the QR Code scanner, click the QR code icon and use the camera on your device to scan QR codes on attendee tickets or email confirmations

        Screenshot showing where to select the QR Code option to check users in

    Please contact with any questions.

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