1. Download the CampusGroups Android app.

2. Log on to the CampusGroups mobile app.

3. Click on 'Upcoming Events' on the main menu.

4. Click on the 'Search' icon on the top right to retrieve the event for which you would like to check-in attendees.

5. Click on the top right menu and then on Check In Attendees.

6. You can check-in students in 3 different ways:

a) Manual check-in on your mobile phone
b) Card swiping with your phone
c) Scanning QR codes

a) Manual Check-In

To check in people manually, you can scroll through the list of attendees, or just start typing their names and click on the 'Check-In' button.

You'll see a green icon next to the attendee indicating that they've been successfully checked in.

b) Scanning QR codes

Click on the "QR codes" icon and use the camera on your device to scan QR codes on tickets. The green "Checked-In" message will appear when the attendee is successfully checked in.

c) Card swiping with your phone

Plug your card reader into your phone and click on the "Card reader" icon.
Swipe student ID cards to check them into the event.

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