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How to check-in people during an event with the iPhone app
How to check-in people during an event with the iPhone app
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Checking in attendees is quick and easy with our mobile app for iOS (download app) and Android (download app) devices.

1. Download the CampusGroups iPhone app.

2. Log on to the CampusGroups mobile app.

3. Click on Events within the main menu.

4. You can select your event in the events list or you can search

for the name of the group to access the event.

5. Click on the top right menu and then on Check In Attendees.

6. You can check in students in 2 different ways:

a) Manual Check-In
b) Scanning QR codes

a) Manual Check-In

To check in people manually, you can scroll through the list of attendees, or search people by typing their names and clicking on the Check-In icon.

The check mark next to the name of the attendee will turn green indicating that they've been successfully checked in.

b) Scanning QR codes

Click on the QR code icon and use the camera on your device to scan QR codes on tickets. The green Checked-In message will appear when the attendee is successfully checked in.

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