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Confirming Email Communication
Confirming Email Communication

How to confirm a user is receiving emails within their groups.

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There could be a few reasons you may not be receiving emails from your groups.
Possible Reason #1: Check that your profile information on CampusGroups is correct.

  • Click on the Account icon

  • Click on Edit Profile

  • Check your Account type and Year of graduation under Academic Information

If one of these two is incorrect, edit or contact your School Administration to update.

Once your profile is correct, you can review all emails you might have missed:
Possible Reason #2: Check that you have been validated by the group you joined.

  • Find your group under the Groups icon

  • Check if your group is listed or click on Pending Validations

  • If not, contact the group officers to ask them to validate you.

Possible Reason #3: Check that your email address in the Email Settings is correct. 

  • Click on the Account icon

  • Click on Edit Profile

  • Check and correct/update your email address(es) as needed.

Please contact with any questions.

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