CampusGroups offers a secure way to run elections and allow you to create positions and candidates and view results.

  1. Log in to CampusGroups
  2. Manage your group
  3. Click on Surveys & Forms

   4. Click Create

   5. Click on the Election icon

   6. Customize the name of the election (e.g., Executive Committee Elections 2019) and the description.

   7. Determine the Settings for your elections are set to the following:

  • Login required should be set to Yes
  • Disable editing should be set to Yes 
  • Single answer should be set to Yes
  • Under the Notifications tab, select the members tag of the members whom you want to receive notifications every time a vote is submitted

   8. Click on Save

   9. Click on the Add Question button

   10. Select the Election question type and add candidates' information (e.g., name, description, files, videos)
   11. Click on Save

   11. Click on Preview to view what users will see

   12. From the Surveys page and click on Access to select where you want to publish the survey and the people in your group who are allowed to vote for that election

   13. You can select only the current students (in most cases only current students can vote for student clubs' elections)

   14. Send the survey to yourself and fill it in for testing purposes
   15. Once you are ready, composing an email and attaching the link to the Election
 in the email.
   16. Once the vote has taken place, you can check submissions and view results by clicking on View
  17. Click on Stats to access statistics, answers ratios, and date/time of answers

Note: You can check submissions and view results by clicking on View. You will then be able to view detailed results of the elections and download them into Excel.

Please contact with any questions.

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