How to create a survey
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  1. Log in on CampusGroups

  2. Manage your group

  3. Click on Surveys & Forms

   4. Click Create

   5. Click on the Survey icon

   6. Personalize your survey to include a title and an introduction

7. Add your questions

Note: You can add as many questions (and types of questions) as you want:

  • Free text

  • Multiple-choice with single selection

  • Multiple-choice with multiple selection

  • Multiple-choice by selection in a dropdown

  • File upload

  • Date selection with calendar

  • Club list dropdown

  • Ranking options

  • Election

  • Signature

  • Quiz

   8. Determine the Settings for your survey

  • Login required 

  • Allowing/denying anonymous answers

  • Disable editing

  • Single answer

   9. Click Save

   10. To see the results of your survey, click on the title

   11. Click on Stats to access statistics, answers ratios, and date/time of answers

Please contact with any questions.

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