CampusGroups enables you to assign one or several tags to each of your members. With tags, you can group members into targeted lists. You can then easily retrieve members from each list and send them targeted emails.  

   1. Log in to CampusGroups.
   2. Manage your group.
   3. Click on "More Tools" and then "Tags" (left menu).

   5. Create as many member tags needed to group your members.

   6. Input a name. You may also color the tag. Click "Save" to add the tag.

Assign a Tag to a Group of Members:

   1. Search members
2. Check the members to which you want to add a tag.
   3. Scroll up to the top of the page.
   4. Select the menu icon and "Add Member Tag".

   5. Select tag from the dropdown and click "Submit".

Note: Mass Updating Member Tags

Assign a Tag to a specific Member:

   1. Search the member.
   2. Scroll down to the member to which you want to add a tag.
   3. Click on the "Edit Member Tags" link.
   4. Select an existing tag or create a new one.

Sorting With Tags

   1. Click on "Members" (manager tool bar) to see your members grouped by tags.
   2. Click on "Member Tags" and select from the dropdown menu.

You can now retrieve the members associated with your tags or send them targeted emails as needed.


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