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How to define Access Rights
How to define Access Rights
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This pop-up allows you to define access rights for your information (profile, documents, photos, etc.).

You have several options to select: 

  • Everyone (default option): Content is accessible by everybody

  • University users only (Students/Faculty/Staff): Students and staff will be the only users allowed access to this content.

  • Some University users only (click to select users): If you want to be more specific in your selection, you can select sub-groups within a group. In order to do this, you need to select the Account Type.

  • Groups members only: You have the option to select only group members.

  • Some group members only (click to select groups): If you want to limit the selection of members within a group, you can select one or several sub-groups within the group just by clicking the checkbox of your choice.

  • Tagged people only (select one or several tags): You can create groups using the tagging module. Select one or more tags to get a group of members with common features.

  • Officers only: You can select only members who are officers in the group.

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