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How to create a paid event
How to create a paid event
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Here is how you can create a paid event:

  1. Manage your group.

  2. Mouse over the "Events" menu and click on "Create Event".

  3. Fill-in the pop-up and edit your event.

4. Under the section 7 – Registration, edit the RSVP option. Add a price and save.

By default all tickets are free. You can create as many tickets as you wish by using the "Add New Option" button. 

To set up who can buy the ticket (e.g Full-Time students only), click on the "Access" link of the ticket.

When RSVP’ing, the participants will be automatically prompted to PayPal.

You can monitor who registered, how many tickets they bought and how much they paid under the list of attendees when managing your event.

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