NOTE: Room Reservations tools are part of an optional CampusGroups feature. If your school would like to use this functionality, please contact your School CampusGroups Administrator so that this request be made to CampusGroups.

Access the Room Reservation page of your Campus.

You can view the Room Reservation page without being logged in:

  • Display the CampusGroups page of your university:

  • Click on the "Rooms" button of the top menu.

  • Select the date you want to display in the top left corner.

  • Select the location of the room you want to check.

  • Mouse over the Room you want to check to view a Room Summary (Location, Type, Capacity, etc).

  • Check the availability of the Room based on the following color code:


If you are not logged in, all Room Reservations will appear in gray.

How do I reserve a Room?

In order to reserve a 2nd or 4th Floor Meeting Room, for instance:

  • Log in to CampusGroups.

  • Select the Date, Floor and Room you would like to reserve.

  • Click on the white Cell of the Room and Time you would like to book.

  • Enter a Meeting Title, Participants and Number of Hours for the reservation.

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