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What does "Email not verified" mean?
What does "Email not verified" mean?
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I have a question regarding the email verification notice - most new members who have signed up are marked by an "Email not verified" notice. It reads "Because his/her email is not verified, this person is NOT able to log on CampusGroups."  Could you please advise why this is happening and how to address it?


CampusGroups has to verify every single email in the system (to make sure the people who sign up are the owners of those email addresses).  When someone joins a group or registers to an event, he/she is also sent an email asking him/her to VERIFY his/her email address by clicking on a link.  If they don't do that, the next time they try to log in, CampusGroups sends them that VERIFY email again and asks them to click the link. They are able to log in once they have clicked that link.

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