How to create a quiz
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  1. Log in on CampusGroups

  2.  Manage your group

  3. Click on Surveys & Forms

   4. Click on Create

   5. Click on the Quiz icon

   6. Click on Settings
   7. Add the number of points needed to pass the Quiz under Quiz pass score
   8. Click on Save

   9. Click on the Access tab
   10. Determine the access settings for the quiz

  • Login required should be set to Yes

  • Disable editing should be set to Yes

  • Single Answer should be set to Yes

  • Anonymous Answers should set to No

   11. Edit the Quiz
   12. Click on the Add Question button
   13. Select the Quiz Question Type icon

   14. Populate the appropriate fields within that question type:

  • Question field 

  • Number of points earned when the question is answered correctly

  • Select This is the correct answer to set the correct answer in the quiz

   15. Click on Preview to view the quiz

After submitting the quiz, students will see their scores and if they fail or pass.

   16. To see the results of your quiz, click on the title

Please contact with any questions.

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