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How to set up a complex event approval with an approval workflow
How to set up a complex event approval with an approval workflow
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In order to set up a complex event approval, you have to start by creating the approval form/survey, create a workflow, and then link it to the form/survey. Finally, you will simply have to turn on the feature.

  1. Log in to CampusGroups 

  2. Manage your group

  3. Select Surveys & Forms and then All Surveys & Forms

  4. Select Create

  5. Choose Form or Survey

  6. Create form/survey questions 

  7. Click Save

Once your form/survey is configured you will be able to start the process of creating your approval workflow(s).

  8. Select Surveys & Forms then Workflows

  9. Click Create Template

This is create  will create a workflow with one step. In order to edit your workflow, please see our workflow tutorial.

For this tutorial, we will use a 2-step workflow with 4 participants.

   10. Navigate to the Admin section
   11. Click Settings then Approval Processes 

   12. Select Create Process

   13. Select Event Approval

   14. Determine which Group Types will be using this approval process
   15. Set the Activate Event Approval to Yes
   16. Select the form you created from the Event Approval Form/Survey dropdown
   17. Click Save

Any new event organizer will have to respond to the above form/survey while creating their event. In order to approve or deny the event, go back to your group and manage the form/survey.

Let's have a look at how the approval process works.
An officer has submitted an event named "Annual Gala Dinner".

Once the form/survey is submitted, you can approve or deny it by managing the form/survey. Click See Workflow to get to the workflow screen where you can quickly access the submission or chat with the approval team. 

Note: The event will be approved automatically once the workflow is approved.


Until you approve it, the event status is Pending Approval and will not appear on the list of events or the calendar.

Once the form/survey is approved, the appropriate audience(s) will be able to view the event, add it to their calendar, and/or RSVP.

Please contact with any questions.

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