1. Log in on CampusGroups

  2. Manage your group

  3. Select Surveys & Forms then Workflows

4. Select the More the Steps

5. Click on Create Step

6. Populate the required fields and select save

7. Click on Edit Teams

8. Click on Create Team

9. Name your team

Note: Selecting a Dynamic Group will automatically add users as they are selected in your survey. You can set that at the user question level or the group question level.

10. Click Edit Participants

11. Start typing the user(s) name and select Add

*Repeat steps 5-11 as needed

Now that your workflow has been created, you need to assign it to the survey that will be using it.

12. Click on Surveys & Forms then All Surveys & Forms

13. Click on the More icon then Settings

14. Select the appropriate workflow in the Select a workflow template (Optional) field

15. Select Save

Please contact support@campusgroups.com with any questions.

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