You can create and manage your service hour right through your group.

  1. Log in on CampusGroups
  2. Manage your group
  3. Click on More then Service Hours

   4. Click on Add Service Hours

   5. Populate the Service Hours fields
    ● The name of the student to whom you want to add service hours
    ● The type of service hours (e.g., Event, Experience, Service hours only)
    ● The number of hours spent
    ● The date on which it took place

   6a. If you have selected Event related service hours, an Event drop-down will appear at the bottom so you can select the event to which you want to assign these service hours.

   6b. If you have selected Experience related service hours, click on Next

You will be redirected to a new window to add a new experience. 

   6c. Click on Save

   6d.  If you have selected Service Hours only, complete the Comment section

This will represent the title of these service hours.
   6e. Click on Save

Please contact with any questions.

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