With the "No Budget" budgeting module, groups will only be able to use transactions.

  1. Log in on CampusGroups. 

  2. Manage your group.

  3. Click on "Money" on your left-side menu.

 4. If you click on "Transactions" under "Money" on your left-side menu, you will access your "Accounting Book" and be able to view all of your transactions.

   5. Depending on the school configuration, you might have access to the "Add Transaction" button. If so, click on it to add a transaction.

   6. Complete the form and click on "Save".

   7. As you add transactions, the "Group Funds" of your "Accounting Book" will be impacted.

Note: Only the "Approved", "In Progress" or "Completed" transactions will impact the "Accounting Book”. The transactions "Pending Validation" will appear as "Pending".

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