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How to use the "Advanced Budget" budgeting module as an officer
How to use the "Advanced Budget" budgeting module as an officer
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With the "Advanced Budget" budgeting module, groups will be able to directly use "Budget requests".

  1. Log in on CampusGroups. 

  2. Manage your group.

  3. Click on "Money" on your left-side menu.

 4. If you click on "Transactions" under "Money" on your left side menu, you will access your "Accounting Book" and be able to view all of your transactions.

There you can see an  overview of revenues and expenses for each budget and for the group funds.

   5. To create "Budget Requests" or manage the current "Budget", click on "Budgeting" on your left side menu.

   6. Click on "Create Budget Request" on the right in order to start a request.

   7. Complete the 2 Steps form.

   8. Click on "Finish" when you are done.

  9. Once you have completed your "Budget Request", it will appear on the "Budget Request" list, and you will see an orange dot in the "Approval" columns.
This dot means that your request is pending approval from the administration.

   10. Once the administration has approved or partially approved the funding (if the administrators decided to only grant you a part of the amount asked), this dot will turn green (light green for the partial approval).

Note: If the request has not been fully granted, check the "Notes" to view an explanation.
If your request has been denied or partially granted, you can change the amount.
It will go back to "Pending Approval" and the administration will reevaluate your request.

11. You will now be able to "Request Payment" by clicking on the corresponding button.

   12. Complete the form and click on "Next”. You will be redirected to a confirmation page. Click on "Submit" to finish your "Payment Request".

   13. The right end of your Budget Request will slightly change, and you will see another orange dot meaning your payment request is now pending approval from the administration.

   14. Once the Workflow has been approved, the orange dot on the right should have turned to light green. Once all requests have been approved, your "Budget Request" is completed.

   15. You will be able to find your "Payment Request" and its effect on your funds in the "Accounting Book" section.

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