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How to use the "Simple Budget" budgeting module as an administrator
How to use the "Simple Budget" budgeting module as an administrator
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With the "Simple Budget" budgeting module, groups will be able to use both transactions and payment requests.

  1. Log in on CampusGroups.

  2. Click on "Admin" (key icon in the top menu).

3. Click on "Money" on your left-side menu.

   4. You will be redirected to the "All Budgets" page where you can view all groups' budgets.

From this page, you will also be able to create new budgets by clicking on "Create Budget" on the right.

Click on "Save" when your budget is complete.

You can also edit past or current budgets by clicking on "Edit" on the right of the budget.

See our tutorial on budget status to choose the appropriate status for a budget.

   5. If you click on "Transactions" under "Money" on your left side menu, you will access the "Accounting Book" and be able to view all of the transactions. 

There you can see an overview of revenues and expenses for each budget and for the group funds.

   8. You will also be able to modify the status of a "Transaction" or a "Payment Request" by changing it in the drop-down list in the status column.

   9. As officers add "Payment Requests" you will be able to approve or deny them.
To do so, find a "Payment Request" whit a status set on "Pending Approval" and click on "View Workflow"

  10. Depending on the workflow template, the "Payment Request" will require one or more approvals from one or more group members. Click on "I approve" to approve the workflow if you are part of one of the workflow group.

   13. For more information on our workflow feature, please see this tutorial.

   14. When the workflow is approved, the status of the "Payment Request" will automatically be set to "Approved".

   15 . It is also possible to import transactions manually. To do so, click on "Upload Transactions". You will be redirected to the upload page. Carefully follow the instructions given.

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