Creating an Event Template

How to create an Event Template for your Group or Entire Platform

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This feature allows you to create campus-wide event templates that all groups are able to use when creating a new event. This option saves a lot of time and helps standardize event management across campus. Groups can also create their own templates just for their own group. 

  • Log in to CampusGroups 

  • Manage your group

  • Click on Events

  • Click on Create Event

  • Populate the Event Form with what you will need on your template.

Note: A template cannot be used as a regular event. Event templates won't be displayed on the school calendar or the events listing.

  • Go to the Advanced Options section at the end of the Event Form

    • Set This is an event template to For this group to make a group event template.

    • Set This is an event template to Platform-wide to make an event template accessible by every group (only available to administrators).

  • Click on Create Event
    You will be given the choice to use a blank event template or to use the template previously created.

  • Select your template and click on Next

An event with the same settings as your template will be created and you only have to complete it.

Administrators can deactivate the default "Blank Event Template" by following the steps below.

  • Click on Admin

  • Click on Events

  • Select Event Templates

  • Select Edit on the template you want to deactivate

  • Set Deactivate blank event template to Yes

  • Click Save

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