CampusGroups has made it easier for you to manage your groups, whether you would like to send an email, create an event, track attendance, update your website or use any other leadership tools available to help run your activities.

Previously, features were accessible via the top horizontal menu:

For easier and more mobile friendly navigation, the new vertical left sidebar offers quick access to all features:

Note that all sub-menus stay within the same menu - just click for dropdown access. (For example, the sub-menu "Officers" will still be found under the "Dashboard" menu.)

Why did we make this change?

  • Vertical left-side menus are now a standard for faster and more efficient navigation

  • We wanted to unify the Admin and My Account sections (which already had a left-side menu)

  • Group officers will now be able to access their content in just 1 click instead of 2 (i.e. click on a menu and then click on a sub-menu)

  • Left menus allow us to include group management pages within our mobile app

  • Feedback from users highlighted potential confusion between the two "Events" menus located next to each other within the top header bar and the group management menu below it

  • Left-side menus are more extendable allowing us to add more menu items if needed

  • More about the topic:

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