• Manage your group

  • Click on Events

  • Click Edit on the appropriate event

  • Scroll down to the Access & Display Options

  • In this section you will be able to both control who is allowed to register to your event and who will be able to see it. By default, everyone is allowed to register to your event, but you have multiple options to restrict its access:

  • Everyone (Default)

  • University CampusGroups users only (Every student in your school) 

  • Some University users only (Allows you to manually select who will be able to register by Account Type and Year of Graduation)

  • Group members only

  • Some group members only (Select the group's sub-groups you want to be able to register)

  • Tagged members only (Group members that have the selected tags)

  • Sub-groups members only (Group members that have the selected certain

    sub-group tags)

It is also possible to prevent people from registering to your event if they are registered to another event that will happen at the same time by clicking the appropriate checkbox.

  • You can also restrict the visibility of your event to certain groups of users:

  • Everyone

  • Logged on users only

  • Group members only

  • Just the people who are allowed to register

  • No one (always hide from the calendar)

   8. Click Save

Please contact support@campusgroups.com with any questions.

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