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New Website Builder: Overview of the different types of content stripes
New Website Builder: Overview of the different types of content stripes
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Welcome to our new Web Builder tool! This upgraded module allows you to easily redesign and maintain your website with a simple drag & drop tool. (No need to edit HTML source code!)
To learn more about basic use of the new website builder, please read this tutorial.

 There are two main types of content stripes: Editable and Dynamic.

1. Editable stripes

These stripes include elements of the imported theme divided into individual horizontal zones that can be vertically reordered on the page. They allow you to easily build and customize a page with text content and images by manually editing and maintaining the information displayed.

Some stripes have a background image which can be edited by hovering, and clicking the bottom right icon.

Stripes are also sometimes composed of recurring elements that can be deleted or duplicated. The element can be a single image, or several text elements and images.

2. Dynamic stripes

Similar to the former Website module, these stripes allow you to automatically pull data from the CampusGroups platform and are constantly regenerated to stay up to date. No need to enter or update data manually!

Examples of dynamic stripes are: 

  • Header (including the menu, pages, social links, school and club logo)

  • Officers (the displayed content can be controlled under “Dashboard > Officers” when managing the group)

  • Upcoming Events (the displayed content can be controlled under the Events tab)

  • News

  • Surveys

  • Documents

  • Contact Us

  • Footer

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