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New Website Builder: Advanced features of the toolbox
New Website Builder: Advanced features of the toolbox
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Welcome to our new Web Builder tool! This upgraded module features a simple drag & drop tool that allows you to easily redesign and maintain your website. No need to edit HTML source code anymore.
To learn more about basic use of the new website builder, please read this tutorial.

When using the new Web Builder, you will see a draggable toolbox which allows you to insert and edit specific content (bullet points, numbered lists, links, images).

To edit these elements, please follow these instructions.

  1. Edit a link

  • Place the cursor on the link and then click on the “Link” icon in the toolbox.

  • An Edit area should appear on top of the link, allowing you to edit the URL.

  • Click the green Check icon once you are done.

   2. Edit an image

  • Click on the image. An orange border should appear on the edges of the image.

  • Click the Image icon in the toolbox.

  • Upload your image.

  • Resize your image by placing your cursor around its corners.

  • Click again on the default image, and click the Delete button of the toolbox.

   3. Wrap text around an image

  • Drag and drop a paragraph stripe, or pick an existing paragraph. 

  • Place your cursor at the end of the paragraph and click the Image icon in the toolbox to upload one.

  • The image will be added under the paragraph.

  • Click on the image, move it to the desired edge of the paragraph and drop it.

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