Create Checklists

Use Checklists to create and assign items and tasks to your users to complete and encourage engagement in CampusGroups

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  • Manage your group

  • Click on More Tools then Checklists

  • Click on Create Checklist

  • Populate the Name and Description fields

  • The Deadline field is not mandatory, however, if selected, once the date is passed, it will no longer be possible to check items of the Checklist.

  • It is possible to hide the Checklist from the assignees. To do this, select No for Make Checklist visible to assignees

  • It is also possible make a checklist sequential, meaning that the checklist will only show one non-completed item at a time. Note: Non-completed items will be displayed once al the previous items have been done. To do this, select Yes for Make Sequential

  • Click Save

  • To assign users to a Checklist, click on the More icon and click Assign

  • Select the population of users that you would like to assign to the checklist

It is also possible to "Batch Assign" students to a Checklist. To do so , please follow this tutorial

   9. To add items to the Checklist, click on the Checklist title

   10. Click Create Item

  • Populate the Title field

  • While not mandatory you can also:

    • Enter Details

    • Set a Completion Deadline

    • Allow user to check (Setting this to No will prevent users from checking off the item as completed on their own)

    • Make the item Optional

    • Click Save

It is also possible to add Completion Rules to an item. Completion Rules allow you to automatically check a Checklist item if a specific action has been completed.
Read this tutorial to learn how Completion Rules work. 

Please contact with any questions.

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