The Drop-In feature allows Participants without a scheduled meeting to request one at the door. Once a Participant has Dropped-In, it will be possible for Hosts to Book them. This means that a Host acknowledges the arrival of the Participant and will start the meeting with that person shortly.

To Drop-In for a non-scheduled meeting, Users will follow these steps:

  • Register to the Check-In Kiosk by either typing their name or swiping their Student ID card

Screenshot of the Check-In Kiosk.
  • Click on the Drop-In button

Screenshot of the Check-In Kiosk with the Drop-In button highlighted.
  • Select the Connection Program to which you want to Drop-In by clicking on its Drop-In button

Screenshot of the Check-In Kiosk with confirmation message.
  • Participants will receive a confirmation message, which shows that their Drop-In record has been registered

Please contact with any questions.

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