Lotteries are used to sell tickets for highly demanded events to help give all students a fair shot at popular events that sell out fast. 

  • Once opened, students will get a number of points they need to assign to one or more events. 

  • The number of points given to an event represents the interest the student has for the event. (Higher number of points indicates higher level of interest for that event.)

  • When the lottery closes, tickets will be sold to the students that have assigned the biggest number of points to the event until there are no tickets left.

  • If a group of students has given the same amount of points and there are not enough tickets left for the whole group, the tickets will be sold randomly among this group.

  • If there are still tickets left for some events and some students have not won any tickets, they will be able to do another round with the events' remaining tickets.

Here is an example:
There are 4 events, a Data Science Conference with 25 tickets available, a Chess Tournament with 25 tickets available, a Meeting with the Alumni with 50 available tickets and a Rock Concert with 50 tickets available.
150 students were given a total of 100 points each, which they can assign to the 4 events. 

  • 15 students gave 100 points to the Data Science Conference, as the highest possible number of points, and they all got tickets. 

  • 25 students gave 100 points to the Chess Tournament, so they all got tickets.

  • 20 students gave 80 points to the Data Science Conference and 20 points to the Chess Tournament. This is the second highest number of points for the Conference so they are all eligible to get a ticket for the event. However, there are only 10 tickets left, so these 10 tickets will be randomly sold among the 20 students that gave 80 points.

  • The group of 10 students that did not win the Data Science Conference tickets with their first choice did not win their second choice (the Chess Tournament) either as every ticket was already sold to students that gave more than 20 points. As a consequence, this group of students did not win any tickets.

  • Among the remaining 90 students, 45 got Rock Concert tickets, and 45 got tickets for the Meeting with the Alumni.

  • As there are still tickets left for the Rock Concert and the Meeting with the Alumni, the 10 students that did not win any tickets will get another 100 points to give to either one of these events and will still be able to win tickets in a "second round".

To start setting up a lottery, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create the Events that will have a Lottery-based registration. 

To learn how to create an Event, please follow this tutorial.

    2. When creating the Events, under "Access & Display Options" set "Who is allowed to register?" to "Lottery winners only".

   3. When creating the Events, make sure to set an "Attendance limit" value so that the events can be selected for the bidding.
You can do that under "Access & Display Options" > "Attendance limit". Set the "Attendance limit" field to the number of available tickets for the event.

   4. Edit one of the newly created Events. Go to "Access & Display Option", and click on "event package" to the right of "Lottery winners only" to start setting up the Lottery.

   5. Click on "Create Package".

   6. Give the Lottery a name and a description, and carefully choose the "Start date" and "End date".

   7. Select the Events that will be part of the Lottery from the "Events selection" list, activate the Lottery by setting "Lottery" to "Yes" and set the "Number of points" students will be able to assign.

   8. It is also possible to set the messages that will be sent to the students over the different steps of the Lottery. Click on "Save" when you are done. 

Here are examples of messages for each step:

  • Step 1 description (First step when accessing the Lottery on the platform)

1. Please select the Events for which you are interested in setting up a lottery by clicking on the plus icon. 
<br>2. Click "Next."
<br>3. You will assign point values in the next step.
  • Step 2 description (Second step of the Lottery)

1. Select point values for each Event. The value should not add to more than 100. The number of points you assign will determine the ordering of your selection.
<br>2. Click "Finish." (If you receive an ATTENTION message, click FINISH again.)
<br>3. Confirm submission until you receive this message: "Your list has been submitted successfully. Please find your selection below."
<br>4. Receive confirmation email of completed lottery.
Note: Please do not click on the plus icon for Event that you are not considering. If you select a trek and do not allocate any points to it, the CampusGroups lottery algorithm will still consider it as a choice.
  • Selection confirmation message (Confirmation message on the platform at the end of the bidding)

Thank you for submitting your selection of Events. You will receive an email with lottery results and potential Event placement on or around 5pm, Friday, November 2nd.<br><br>Once you are assigned to an Event, you have 24 hours to submit a <b>your deposit payment</b> to hold your spot on the Event.
  • Lottery result message (Email sent to Lottery winners)

Congratulations! Please click on the link at the bottom of this email to see the Event you won.<br><br>If you are interested in attending this event, you must make a deposit payment within 24 hours. This deposit holds your spot on the Event. If you do not pay a deposit, you release the spot you were granted on this Event. To pay:
<br><br>1. Click on the link below (you will be directed to CampusGroups login page).
<br>2. Click “Pay for your Event here.” You will be directed to the Event page in CampusGroups.
<br>3. Select your registration option, and you will be directed to PayPal. <br>
<br><br> If you experience any issues with deposit payment, please email CampusGroups directly at
  • Loser description (Email sent to Lottery losers)

Unfortunately, you were not placed on a trek through Round 2 of the lottery process.<br><br>Seats may still be available for Events; if you are interested, please reach out to the Club Leaders, who will offer any remaining seats on a first-come, first-served basis. <br>

   9. Click on the "More" button of the Lottery and then on "Copy Lottery link".
Send this link to the students to give them access to the Lottery.

   10. This link will redirect to the Lottery page.
The paragraph under "Event Package" is the text that has been written in "Step 1 description".

All available events will initially be in the left column. Click on the "+" button to pick them, which will later allow you to bid points on it. This will move the event to the right column.

To remove a picked event, click on the "-" button. It will move the event back to the left column.
Click on "Next" when you are done.

   11. You will then access the second Lottery page.
Under "Event Package" is the text that has been written in "Step 2 description".

Students will be able to see the amount of points they have left in the box under the paragraph.

Chosen previously picked events will be listed under the number of points left.

Students will be able to input any number of points lower or equal to the the number of points left and will be required to assign all available points.
Click on "Finish" when you are done.

   12. Once submitted, you will be redirected to the confirmation page.
The paragraph under "Event Package"  is the text that has been written in "Selection confirmation message".

   13. When the Lottery is closed, it will be possible to test it by clicking on the "More" button of the Lottery and then on "Test the lottery (no emails sent)".
Note that testing the Lottery will not send any emails.

Here is an example of what can be seen when testing the Lottery:

   14. Click on the "More" button of the Lottery and then on "Run the lottery (emails will be sent)".
Note that running the Lottery will send emails to every participant.

Here is an example of what can be seen when running the Lottery:

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