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Connection Programs' Reports

How to access and download reports on Connection Programs.

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The CampusGroups system allows Group Officers to easily download data on Connection Programs. There are two type of reports available:

  • Summary Report: This will only provide First Name, Last Name, Email, Number of Meetings, and Participants for each Host

  • Detailed Report: This will display more information on the Participant, including Custom Questions and the Participant's answers, for each Host.

To access these reports, Group Officers need to:

  • Manage their Group

  • Select More Tools

  • Select Connection Programs

  • Select the specific Connection Program

Screenshot the Connection Program page with G
  • Select the Hosts for whom you need the reports with the Checkboxes

  • Select either Generate Summary Report or Generate Detailed Report

Screenshot of the Connection Program Page with the Generate Summary Report and Generate Detailed Report buttons highlighted.

Please contact with any questions.

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