Badges can be earned by the Hosts of a Connection Program. This can be used to highlight particular training or certification of a Host.

For example, if a Host has completed a specific training they would be awarded a Badge. This Badge will be displayed on their host profile within the Connection Program so that Participants can easily identify which Host is certified in this area.

Screenshot of the Connection Program showing two Hosts who have been awarded Badges.

To create such Badges, please follow the steps below:

  • Manage your Group

  • Click on More Tools

  • Click on Badges

Screenshot of the Group Management Screen with the More Tools and Badges Buttons highlighted.
  • Create a new badge or Edit an existing one

Screenshot of the Badges screen with the Create Badge and Edit Badge buttons highlighted.
  • Fill in the required fields

  • Click Save

Screenshot of the Create/Edit a Badge pop-up window with the Save button highlighted.

After the Badge is created, you will be able to add a Completion Rule which designates the required action the User must complete to earn this Badge.

  • Select the Completion Rule button

Screenshot of the Badges screen with the Completion Rule button highlighted.
  • Select the completion action from the dropdown list

Screenshot of the Completion Rule pop-up window.
  • Select the necessary information to determine the criteria for completion

  • For example, the Registers to an Event Completion Rule will allow you to:

    • Filter events that Users need to attend by Event Tag, Event Type or Event

    • Designate the number of events required in the At least textbox

Screenshot of the Completion Rule pop-up window showing the filter options for the Registers to an Event action item.
Screenshot of the Completion Rule pop-up window with the At Least textbox highlighted.

After the Badges are created and the Completion Rules are applied, Users can begin earning the available Badges. Once a Badge is earned, the Badge Icon will be displayed on the User's profile.

Please contact with any questions.

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