Badges can be used to certify a Host. For example, if he/she has undergone a specific training or answered a specific form.

Such Badges will then be displayed on the Connection Program to let participants know their host is certified.

To create such Badges, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in on CampusGroups.

  2. Manage your group.

  3. Click on "Badges" under "More" on the left-side menu.

   4. Create a new badge or edit an existing one.

   5. Fill in the required fields.

   6. Make sure the badge is activated with the dedicated checkbox.

   7. Click on "Completion Rule" to add a Completion Rule to acquire the badge.

  8. A pop-up window will open. There are many completion actions you can choose from the drop-down list.

  • Attends an Event: You will be able to filter events that students need to attend in order to complete the Item by "Event Tag", "Event type" or "Event".

Once you have selected among one of these three categories, you will be able to check any Event Type, Event Tag or Event you would like.
Add the number of events students will be required to attend in the "At least" text box.

It is also possible to ask the students to answer a specific form after they have completed an Item.
Note that the Item will not be checked until the form has been completed.
To do so, set "And Submits a Reflection" to "Yes".
You will then need to select the form that will be submitted in the "Reflection Survey/Form" drop-down list.

Click on "Save" when you are done.

  • Becomes a group officer: Very similar to "Attends an Event". You will be able to choose between "Officer Role", "Group Type" and "Group".

Choose then either one or more "Officer Role",  "Group Type" or "Group" and how many times the student will need to become officer.

  • Submit a Survey or a Form: You will be able to choose between a survey/form or an approved survey/form. Then you will need to choose a single survey/form.

  • Creates an Experience: Select "Experience Type" and choose the needed Experience types.

  • Completes Sub-item: You will be able to link this Item to the completion of another Item from a drop-down list of all Checklist Items, and choose the number of times this Item needs to be completed.

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