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Adding Customs Questions to a Connection Program's Host
Adding Customs Questions to a Connection Program's Host

How to create Custom Questions for each Host.

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When using the CampusGroups Connection Programs, it is possible to create Custom Questions that Participants will have to answer when booking a meeting with a Host.

  • Manage a connection program by clicking on its name.

Screenshot of the Connection Programs page with the Name of the Connection Program highlighted.
  • Select the Host for whom you want to add Custom Questions

  • Select the More Icon

  • Select Custom Questions

Screenshot of the list of Hosts with the More Icon and Custom Questions button highlighted.
  • A pop-up window will open with the current list of Custom Questions

  • Click Add Question

Screenshot of the Custom Questions pop-up window with the Add Question button highlighted.
  • Give the question a title

  • Carefully choose the Question Type, as it is not possible to change it later

  • Click on Submit

Screenshot of the Create a New Meeting Question pop-up window with the Meeting Question Title, Meeting Question Type, and Submit button highlighted.
  • You will be directed back to the Custom Questions list where you can:

    • Duplicate or Delete the question by clicking the appropriate link

    • Change the order of the questions with the Drag & Drop button

    • Add this Custom Question to all Hosts by selecting Apply to all Hosts

    • Make the question mandatory by clicking the Required checkbox

Screenshot of the Custom Questions screen with the Duplicate, Delete, Drag & Drop, Apply to all Hosts, and Required links highlighted.
  • If you chose either a Checkbox Question Type or a Dropdown Question Type, you will be able to provide possible answers by clicking Add Answer

Screenshot of the Custom Question screen, specifically of a Checkbox Question Type with the Add Answer button highlighted.

Please contact with any questions.

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