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New left-side menu navigation in Home page
New left-side menu navigation in Home page
Written by CG Vendors
Updated over a week ago

CampusGroups has made it easier for you to manage your activities, whether you would like to read your emails, view your events, see your payments, update your profile or use any other tools available to help overview your activities.

The Home Page will be changed from this view:

To this:

Previously, features were accessible via the top horizontal menu:

Or the drop-down menu accessible from your profile picture:

For easier and more mobile-friendly navigation, the new vertical left sidebar offers quick access to all features:

  • "Home", "Feed" and "Directory" are conveniently accessible at the top of the left side menu.

  • The "My Activities" section regroups all of the user's main features.

The Top-Bar has been simplified to offer quick access to "Home", "Groups", "Events" and "Admin":

The Profile menu has also been simplified, providing fast access to profile settings:

Why did we make this change?

  • Vertical left-side menus are now a standard for faster and more efficient navigation.

  • We wanted to unify the Home page with the Admin and Manage sections (which already had left-side menus).

  • Left menus allow us to include the Home page within our mobile app.

  • In the long run, we would like to unify the web and mobile view for CampusGroups.

  • Left-side menus are more extendable allowing us to add more menu items if needed.

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